Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Are Your Front Door Secure?

The front door is used in 85% of home burglaries.

Thieves just need to kick them in to enter your home.

What you can do about it?

Here are two very good articles that give you some answers.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Door Kick In Protection

Numerous people have had their homes broken into and their belongings stolen.

The police is trying hard to solve these crimes, but thieves continue to break into homes and steal valuables.

So what you can do to prevent this from happening to you?

One of the first steps is to kick proof your front door. Once this is done, here is how it looks like:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Amazing Door Reinforcer

Easy, economical and super effective home protection kit that is designed to help keep intruders from getting in your home.

Police have tested and now recommends this set.

door reinforcer

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How To Secure Front Door

Houses and apartments that do not have a security system installed are three times more likely to be burglarized than those with one in place.

If you do not want to become a burglary statistic, the best thing you can do is to install door reinforcement hardware. Why?

Because about 83% of home intrusions are done through the front door!

And most burglars do it with kick-ins!

Most entry doors can't endure the force of kick-ins. Even if you have sold wood door, they can still be open because jamb is weak.

This means that you need to reinforce the jamb to prevent break-ins.

But, that is not enough!

You also need to reinforce the lock area and hinges. Only when the reinforcement of these three weak points is accomplished, you get a door that are burglar-proof, as seen in this video:

Ok, what solutions are used to make the door so strong that even brute force can't open them? You can find about them here:

The threat of burglary is real. It's not just about your valuables being stolen! A number of intrusions end up in something much worse – beating, rape, or even death.

Please, do not let this happen to you or your family. Secure your home before it's too late! Use the link above to find more about the top door security devices.

Front Door Security Devices And Solutions – Police Recommended